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Unique Large Painting on canvas by Serg Graff "Card Sharping". READ DESCRIPTION!

Unique Large Painting on canvas by Serg Graff "Card Sharping". READ DESCRIPTION!

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This is a rare unique original large acrylic/oil painting on canvas in a naive primitivism style depicting a group of fantasy characters gathered around a poker table.

Signed by Serg Graff.

The Artist created an interesting story about every character and framed this story as an ancient papyrus. It is a very unique artwork.

" A poker tournament is taking place in an old abandoned tavern “Poker Face” that started to rust a long time ago. The following players take part in the tournament:

under the number 1 - Skeletonidze, also known as the Bone Man. He is good at throwing dice in another game and likes to take risks, and bluff at the first opportunity that comes to hand. In close circles, he is known under the nickname American - Starfall, who deserves such a nickname because he loves to put on a cloak in which he hides Cards for every game. (and sometimes dice)

Number 2 is to the left of the first player, but to the right of player number 3. It deservedly bears the name Pigmaster, as he has a Long snout the size of a nickel that pops around everywhere but basically sniffs at the cards of the players and also likes to hide its combination under the gaming table until the end of the full draw of cards. He also does not disdain cheating and peeks at the cards of his neighbor, for which he sometimes gets a hard nosebleed. Rarely bluffs, mostly wait for a good hand, actively rearises.

Number 3 or simply the Brain plays with an open cranium that helps him conveniently analyze the situation and release the hormone of happiness Endorphin. He received his nickname in a fight after an unsuccessful game when his head was broken by a bat since then and has been going to games with an open head injury, but this in no way reflects on his happy playing style. He likes to wait in the game for a royal flush, but more often a gets a Straight.

Player 4 at this game is a dealer nicknamed “Checkers” who rubs points on the players and is addicted to smoking and alcohol. While under the influence, he can blow out the missing poker card through a tube. He is also capable of summoning a spirit in the form of a beauty from an unfinished bottle of gin. Clutch, in turn, can cheat by replacing the necessary Cards and distracting other players. Basically, she is an NPC because she is actually an NFT. But sometimes you can meet her at the table in other ways, like this time.

And the Angel himself closes the top five, the one-eyed Diablo masquerading as a beginner, but constantly wins because he is lucky with money and uses exclusively marked cards.

So the final hand is on the table, (the joker appears here), everyone froze in anticipation of the finale and each player tries to use all his skills as much as possible in peeping, cheating, deceiving a comrade…so my question to you, who will win this time?

Present in an ornate gilt frame. Excellent condition. Framed measuring 46" x 34" & painting measures 36" x 24" . Signed in the upper right corner, and on verso by Artist Serg Graff. Painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist.
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