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Lucile White Vintage Oil painting on canvas, European Castle view, framed

Lucile White Vintage Oil painting on canvas, European Castle view, framed

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This is an original  vintage oil painting on canvas by  Lucile White. The central subject of the artwork is a castle or church, with a grand dome and an elaborate bell tower that punctuates the skyline. The architecture is detailed, featuring the texture and solidity typical of such monumental buildings, hinting at a bygone era of construction.

The castle is set against a backdrop of a pale blue sky, lightly brushed with wisps of clouds. Surrounding the castle is an abundance of verdant foliage, with various trees and shrubs rendered in a realistic style, creating a sense of depth and natural beauty. The greenery appears well-maintained, hinting at landscaped grounds rather than untamed nature, which complements the stately presence of the castle.

A path or clearing in the grass leads the eye toward the castle, inviting onlookers to imagine approaching the historic edifice. The painting captures the essence of a serene, pastoral scene that one might encounter in the countryside of Europe, where such castles are commonly found. Nicely framed. The painting and the frame are in good condition

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Dimensions (frame): 33.5” W x 23.5” H 
Dimensions (sight): 30” W x 20" H

Condition: The painting overall is in good condition, has some minor dirty areas, the frame has some wearing signs.


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