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Large oil painting on canvas, seascape, Sailing Ship in the Stormy Ocean, Signed

Large oil painting on canvas, seascape, Sailing Ship in the Stormy Ocean, Signed

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This is an original oil painting on canvas. The painting depicts a tumultuous scene of a stormy ocean, capturing the raw power and intensity of nature. The artist skillfully portrays the chaotic energy and the atmospheric elements that define the scene.

Despite the turbulent and threatening atmosphere, there is a certain beauty in the portrayal of the stormy ocean. The artist's skillful use of color, light, and texture captures the sublime and awe-inspiring aspects of nature's fury. The painting serves as a reminder of both the danger and the captivating allure of the untamed sea.

Presented in a nice wood purple frame. The canvas was glued to the board.
Condition: The painting is in good condition, but the frame has some wear signs.

Framed measures 41" x 29", painting measures 36" x 24". signed in the lower right corner but difficult to read

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