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Antique oil painting on canvas, Rural Landscape, Figures, Unsigned, Framed

Antique oil painting on canvas, Rural Landscape, Figures, Unsigned, Framed

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This is an antique original oil painting on canvas depicting a rural landscape. The scene is serene and idyllic, featuring two quaint houses with steep roofs nestled by the riverside, connected by a rustic wooden bridge. The river itself is lively, with a waterfall cascading into a calm stream that flows through the center of the canvas, suggesting the sound of moving water.

In the foreground, there's a wooden flatbed cart, suggesting agricultural activity, and a figure accompanied by a dog, indicating human presence and activity within the landscape.

Overall, the painting conveys a sense of peaceful rural life, untroubled by the hustle and bustle of city existence. The attention to detail, the vibrant yet harmonious color palette, and the skilled brushwork are indicative of the techniques used in traditional oil painting.

Nicely framed. The painting was glued to the board and has some bubbles that are only visible when viewed from the side. Please see the photos.

No visible signature. 

Dimensions (frame): 29.5” W x 21.5” H 

Dimensions (sight): 26.5” W x 18.5" H


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