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1990 Artist V.Vasilyev Oil painting on canvas Genre scene "Festival Maslenitsa"

1990 Artist V.Vasilyev Oil painting on canvas Genre scene "Festival Maslenitsa"

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This is an original vintage signed oil painting on canvas by Russian Artist  V.Vasilyev. 
The painting titled "Russian Maslenitsa" vividly captures a spirited moment from the traditional Russian festival of Maslenitsa, which marks the end of winter and the coming of spring. 
The artwork features three riders on horseback, energetically racing through a snowy landscape, with the central figure prominently raising his hat in a gesture of excitement or greeting. The horses are ornately decorated, suggesting the festivity of the occasion. In the background, a winter scene is depicted with bare trees and a traditional Russian wooden house, all covered in snow, which adds a chilly yet picturesque backdrop to the action. The sky above is rendered in soft blues and whites, suggesting a cold, clear day. 
This painting is framed in a hand-decorated golden ornate frame that complements the historical and cultural richness of the scene depicted, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the artwork.
Framed measures 22.5" x 18", painting measures 18" x 13.5".
Signed V.Vasilyev, dated 1990 and titled "Russian Maslenitsa" on verso.
Good condition. Please see photos.


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