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1885 Signed Antique 19th century oil painting on canvas, Portrait of a Lady

1885 Signed Antique 19th century oil painting on canvas, Portrait of a Lady

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Up for sale is a beautiful Antique 19-century  original oil painting on canvas depicting a female portrait. 

The young woman gazes directly at the viewer with an air of quiet confidence, her dark eyes shining with a hint of mystery. Her face, softly illuminated by the gentle glow of natural light, bears delicate features and a subtle blush on her cheeks, emphasizing her youth and natural beauty.

 The rich black hue of her hair contrasts strikingly with her fair complexion, creating an enchanting allure.

Adorned in a beige dress, the young woman exudes a refined taste in fashion. The dress, tailored to flatter her slender figure, is made from luxurious fabric. 

The beige color of the dress provides a subtle backdrop, allowing the young woman's natural beauty to take center stage. It complements her complexion, imparting a warm, golden glow to her skin. The dress was adorned with small decorative buttons, adding an element of charm and sophistication to her ensemble.

Overall, this portrait encapsulates the grace and elegance of a young woman in the 19th century, showcasing her timeless beauty and fashion sense in a way that captivates the viewer and transports them to a bygone era.

Signed illegible in the lower-left corner and dated 1885. 

The painting is in good/antique condition.

Presented in an ornate gold period frame.  The frame is in good condition. Please see the photos, the photos are part of the description. 

Measures with the frame 32" X 28", painting 24" x 20". 

Please note that the physical colors of the item may vary from the pictures in the listing, given the quality of the camera, the lighting, and the background used

We sell vintage and antique items. All of the items will have some wear from age, use, and/or handling over time. We try to take many photographs of the items to show maximum details. Please view all the photographs in the listing and feel free to ask any questions you may have about an item before you buy it. Thank you for your interest in our items.
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